Brand history: what makes the brand so unique?


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Brand history: what makes the brand so unique?


Ramada Encore is the modern brand of the international Ramada hotels chain.

Ramada is a Spanish word meaning a shaded resting place.

Ramada brands: Ramada Plaza, Ramada Hotel, Ramada Encore, Ramada Hotel & Resort, Ramada Resort, Ramada Hotel & Suites.

Ramada Worldwide is one of the 17 brands in the Wyndham Hotel Group (WHG), one of the largest hotels chain worldwide boasting 7,190 hotels with 609,000 guest rooms located in 65 countries covering 6 continents.

Ramada Encore emerged into the market place as the world welcomed the naughties with open arms (not to mention slight trepidation about Y2K!). The budget sector was already growing rapidly, but there remained considerable opportunity for further expansion and a need for innovation and style. Encore was created to challenge this sector by delivering a daringly different and wicked experience. The key features such as Hub, the fabulous bathrooms, the wooden floors and bright colours offer a refreshing and vibrant environment to enjoy, entice, entertain and enthrall.

Our people have passion and our partners hit the right note. As Encore nears double digits in age, so do the number of hotels, with the brand set to grow exponentially in key locations.

Ramada Encore – simply fresh, simply modern, simply bright ….simply betterSM